A Complete Beginner’s Introduction to Python

Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve just learned a lot about Python. Take a look at the outline of this guide to see just how much. But now, you’re probably wondering, “What next?”. So let’s look at a few things you could do.

  1. Consider looking at Python tutorials on how to do specific things you’re interested in. I have a few on:
  2. Practice and learn more essential Python concepts. You can do this for free on many online training websites like HackerRank or LeetCode.
  3. Ask me for a free 30-day trial to Pluralsight and watch as many courses on Python (or other things) that you’d like!
  4. If you enjoyed this guide and would like to get more guides via email, consider signing up for my mailing list for Python and cloud development projects or visiting my website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and best of luck in your Python adventures!


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